Welcome to The Meditative Groomer Academy

The Meditative Groomer Academy is a Holistic Pet Grooming Academy. We bring in education with instruction from industry leaders all over the United States in order to prepare our students with the most rounded and diverse set of knowledge out there.

We will have programs for all levels of pet groomers and stylists out there utilizing a variety of teaching styles with a special emphasis on neurodiverse learners.

“Don’t go through life, grow through life.”

– Eric Butterworth

Stephenie is an Autistic and ADHD self taught groomer of 10 years and the Owner and head instructor of The Meditative Groomer Academy which specialized in neurodivergent groomers. You also may recognise her as one of the two faces of “Grooming on the Spectrum” a support group and podcast about being or knowing a neurodivergent pet groomer. She is the former Training manager of Calling All Paws, a certified Nash Academy instructor, and Illinois State Grooming Team Captain.. Stephenie lives with her husband John in Waukegan with her cockapoo, Nibbler, Irish wolfhound mix, Addison, 3 cats, Chiana, Fry, and Banner, and 3 turtles. Stephenie is obviously passionate about animals and teaching but also enjoys her hobbies of gardening, painting, and foraging.